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3D Gurukul  is a 3D animation resource Website, it is dedicated to 3D community. To enrich and empower the CG community is objective of 3D Gurukul.  3DG provides world-class animation resources including Animations, 3D Software, Models, Textures, Plug-ins  absolutely free. The  free Models can be used for study and reference purpose.  We offer this free stuff for betterment of CG Environment.Great source for 3D Modeling,  Games, Designs, Textures, 3D Home, 3D Graphic, 3D Animations.




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3D building, house, home, lighthouse, skyscraper, high-rise, structure, landmark, building material, castle, gate, walls, door, window, interior, Bedroom, exterior, pool, residence, dwelling, domicile, quarter, address, houses, 3D structural design, dwellings, residence, habitat, quarters, domicile, apartment building, construction,  office, fortress, fort, citadel, stronghold, palace, entrance, fortifications, ramparts, parapet, exit, skylight, casement, inner, adobe,  stairway, flight of steps, bastion, dome, cathedral church, threshold doorsill, doorstep, porch facade portico, road street highway, light polls, PhotoShop, Movie Theatre,  Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room etc.
solar system, Machinery, Fan, Coffee Cup, equipment machine, apparatus gear, technology mechanism, moving parts utensils, paraphernalia instruments compressors & air tools compressor  hoses fastening tools  hatchets chainsaws hand tools bars chisels, punch & files hammer, hand saws individual screwdriver, boxes & saws multi-tip screwdrivers multi-tools, planes regular clamp screwdriver set, specialty clamping specialty hammer tool kit, utility knives, hobby tools . accessories cutting drilling engraving kit sanding & grinding accessories, ladders step, safety products  first-aid kit hearing protection helmet kneepad specialty protection, paper, etc.
Car, minivan hatchback cabriolet, bicycles,  truck, boat, ship, submarines, craft motorcycles, jeep, helicopters, airplanes, jets, balloons, gliders, helicopters, spaceships, space stations automobile, bike, motor vehicle, vessel, transport, underwater, motorbike, auto, Rickshaw, cycle, bus, yacht vehicle van sedan coupe, mountain bike racing bike tandem, liner cruiser dinghy ferry craft bullet, airplanes, airliner, projectile, jumbo jet, zeppelin, hot-air helium balloon,  space craft rocket ship flying saucer alien craft,  UFO, automotive custom pedal decals  gear shift boots & covers license plate frames, customization light seat belt pads shifter, knobs vehicle covers wheel tires light truck  tires rims alloy, etc.
Plant, tree, bush, flower, grass, mushroom, vegetation flora undergrowth foliage shrubbery, leaves, underbrush greenery, blossom bloom flourish, lawn meadow pasture prairie, earth soil land terra terrarium, planets, moons, continent, mountain, craters, planet globe asteroid comet stars black hole, matrix, peak cliff rocks boulders, cave cavern stalactites stalagmites, water river spring sea ocean liquid waterfall stream waterway canal watercourse, world atom asteroid, MySpace, grassland, cell, etc.


Bookcase, Cabinet, Chest China-cabinet, Cupboard, Curio-cabinet, Dresser, Filing cabinet, Hall Tree Hat stand, Sideboard, Wardrobe, Bean, bag, Bench, Chair, Couch, Footstool, Love seat , Ottoman, Recliner, Settee, Sofa, couch, Stool, Coffee table, Adirondack chair, lounge chair, Ball Chair, Barcelona chair, beach chair, Brewster Chair, Bubble Chair, cantilever chair,  Desk, End table, Folding table,  Aquarium-furniture, Bed, Built-in furniture,  Door furniture, Folding Screen,  Headboard, Hutch, Park-furniture, benches, Stadium, seating, Street-furniture, Bedroom set,  broyhill furniture, office furniture, Modern, Classic,  Dinette,  Dining-set, rustic furniture,  antique furniture, furniture outlet,  teak, levitz furniture, Vanity-set


Crowns Circlets Coronets Diadems Tiaras Earrings Clip-on Ear cuffs Magnetic-earrings Nose-jewels Necklaces Chokers
Armlets Bracelets Cuff links bangles Rings Belly chains Breastplates Brooches Chatelaines Cameos Emblems Findings Lockets Medallions Pendants




Army tanks, military battleships, armed forces weapons, defense force jeeps, helicopters, army soldiers missiles rockets, airplanes, jet, balloon, gliders, spaceships, space stations militia automobile, bike, motor vehicle, vessel, transport, underwater, motorbike, auto, cycle,  vehicle van sedan coupe, mountain bike racing bike tandem, liner cruiser dinghy ferry craft bullet, airplane, airliner, projectile, jumbo jet, artillery armaments weaponry arsenal, zeppelin, hot-air helium balloon, , helicopter, hatchback cabriolet,  submarine, military machine gun firearm pistol, revolver handgun cannon rifle shooter, etc.

Male characters, female man woman girl boy child baby characters, body parts, human organ, alien, robot, head, face, hand, skeleton, feet, eyes, heart, brain, human being, creatures, individual, person, lady schoolgirl teenager teen infant, guy female young woman young man kid toddler corpse parts, being organs, ai, humanoids, cadaver, gargoyle, monsters, monster, ogre, skull, facade, arms, skeleton, bare bones, bones  artificial, dragon,  intelligence, astronaut, foot, eyeball, fantastic creature life form, creature organism, personage, mortal living thing, vampires, werewolf, ghost supernatural, fantasy creatures, Dinosaur, mermaid,  Frankenstein unicorn dementors, animal, DNA, tree, plant, etc.

TV CD DVD VCR, Computer, hardware,  printer, monitor, keyboard,  video, connector, switch, machinery, heavy equipment, plumbing, household, tolls, instruments, boxes cans cartons, spoons fork, knife utensil teapot pot palate dish lead can opener  hummer screwdriver, bolt nail,  hi-fi tape cassettes folder paperclip, three hole punch, hardware software drivers floppy plugs extensions, PC computers, Macintosh computer add-ons, software, photos, photo finishing, video, audio, satellite radio, car audio, video, mp3 players, portable electronics, phone & pda, appliance, accessories, flash cards lamps bulbs, electronic component, laptop, desktop computers, monitor, apple computer, printers, fax machines, scanners data projector, etc.

3D Fashion

  shirt, pants, Jeans, shorts, see through, hot, trousers, casual, formal, summer,  winter, party, mini, swimsuit, dress prom, Skirt, Leather Skirt, Panties, Bra, Bikini, saree  etc.


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railway bridge, suspension bridge, stairs, steps, Spiral, staircase, outside, swimming pool, bridge, viaduct, overpass, Pillars, etc.

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1. 3D Studio MAX R9: AUTODESK Highly customizable and scalable 3D animation, modeling and rendering solution for creative professionals and large-scale pipelines for games, design visualizations, film & television. Features Overview: Schematic View, Particle Flow, Vertex Paint, mental ray® 3.2, reactor® 2 dynamics, Dynamic Shader UI, Render to Texture, Network Region Render, Spline/Patch Modeling

  2. Poser 7, Shade 7: Curious Labs Inc. Poser is the 3D figure design tool for artists, illustrators and animators that enables you to easily create 3D figures from ready-to-use human and animal models. For realism, map facial photos, grow and style dynamic hair, or add dynamic cloth that flows. Quickly output images and movies for use in any project. Poser is easy to master and affordable, yet rich in professional features.

  3. Bryce 5.5 : STRATA + DAZ Productions Featuring an innovative user interface, Bryce 5.5 combines exceptional power with incredible ease of use. Bryce 5.5 is a fun, feature-packed 3D environmental modeling and animation package. The entire program is designed to allow new users to quickly draw and render stunning landscapes, scenes, and 3D artwork. You can literally create a world of your own within this unique 3D program.

  4. CINEMA 4D R9 : MAXON Offers you all you need to create high-end 3D pictures and animations - right out of the box. And CINEMA 4D's modular design - with a total of 8 modules that you can buy individually - allows you to custom fit the application to suit your needs and your budget.

  5. Vue d'Esprit R4, Vue 5 Infinite, Vue 5 Esprit : E-ON Vue d'Esprit 4 is the ideal introduction to natural 3D graphics and animation. Designed for ease-of-use, both for the traditional 2D graphics designer and for 3D artists, Vue d'Esprit lets you create incredible volumetric skies, realistic landscapes, glowing materials, planets and more. SolidGrowth technology lets you generate completely unique vegetation.

  6. Lightwave 3D : NewTek Professional 3D Modeling-, Animation- & Rendering- Software for Print Graphics, Game Development, Independent Film, Architecture & Visualization, Broadcast, Film & Visual FX, New Media.  (3d artists graphic designers resource, Graphic design modeling, rendering  )

  7. SOFTIMAGE|XSI R5 : SOFTIMAGE SOFTIMAGE|XSI sets a new standard in productivity. By giving artists and developers greater access to the most advanced content creation tools, XSI dramatically accelerates any pipeline. Featuring better access to composition and crowd simulation, enhanced integrations with industry leading tools, such as Alienbrain Studio, as well as unmatched support for post and broadcast file formats like OpenEXR and MXF, XSI allows artists to produce more for less. With a superior workflow and unprecedented interoperability within the Avid Computer Graphics family, SOFTIMAGE|XSI is the smart solution for studios of every size.

  8.Maya R6.5: ALIAS High-End 3D Animation und Visual Effects Software for Film, Video, Broadcast, Game Development, Interactive.

  9. BodyPaint 3D R3 : MAXON Forget flat compromises and paint in three dimensions. BodyPaint 3D offers the ultimate control over your textures with complete layers, filters and tablet support - all optimized for working in 3D. With BodyPaint 3D you can paint on up to ten channels with a single stroke, so a brush can define an entire material rather than a single color. Plus, BodyPaint 3D's exclusive RayBrushT technology lets you view the results of your painting realtime in a rendered image.

  10. Amapi Pro 8: EOVIA Amapi Pro is a high-end creative tool used for the conception, modeling and assembly of 3D objects and scenes in Product Design, Architecture and advanced 3D model creation. Featuring advanced NURBS surface modeling technology, yet still preserving the legendary creativity of the Amapi product line, Amapi Pro is the first product to offer high-end functionality combined with a user interface. Carrara family o Carrara 4 o Carrara 3D Basics o Carrara Add-Ons o Hexagon Amapi family o Amapi Pro o Amapi Designer o Amapi Add-Ons DAZ family o DAZ | Bryce o DAZ | Mimic o DAZ | Studio Pandromeda o MojoWorld Pro o MojoWorld Standard MojoWorld Focus

  11. Animation Master: HASH INC Model, Render, & Animate in One Powerful Package! Now anyone can create 3D pictures and animation at home or in the studio with Animation:Master. This remarkable program includes everything you need to create fabulous computer graphics; including complete sculpting features, powerful animation tools, superb rendering, and all this is compatible with the most popular computers (PC and Macintosh!)

  12. Alladin 4D: Aladdin 4D is one of the most complete 3D packages you can find on the Amiga market today. It comes complete with enhanced animation, modeling, lighting, and rendering that can all be extended with an advanced plugin system. Aladdin 4D provides professional features at a price anyone can afford.

  13. Houdini R7 : Houdini Master is the most complete visual effects and animation solution available. This award-winning and production-proven product handles the most challenging shots without the need for additional plug-ins or an army of programmers.

  14. GeoFrac2000 GeoFrac2000 is a realistic landscape and terrain generation tool that will create and output height fields, texture maps, 3D Polygon Meshes, and more. It's primary function is to create, sculpt and manipulate 2D height fields using sophisticated techniques and algorithms, as well as manual modifications via grayscale painting.

  15. 3D GameStudio : Conitec 3D GameStudio is a authoring suite for 2D and 3D realtime applications. It combines the C-Script programming language with a high-end 3D engine, a 2D engine, a physics engine, a level, terrain and model editor, plus extended libraries of 3D objects, artwork and ready-assembled games. You can easy create 1st person games, 3rd person games, role playing games, side scrollbars, flight simulators.

  16. trueSpace6.6 : CALIGARI Whether you are an illustrator, designer, animator or game content creator, trueSpace6.6 is designed to meet your needs - with new particle engine, non-linear editing using Clips, Selective Subdivision Surfaces, fast and accurate Physics with Local Environments, Geometry Paint and more, creating in 3D has never been more flexible and intuitive.

  17. ZBrush 3: ZBrush is the industry's leading digital sculpting and design application.  Built for artists by artists, ZBrush is a unique modeling, texture painting and illustration tool that allow artists to concentrate on their ideas rather than the software. An innovator in the painting and modeling marketplace, ZBrush's brush-based sculpting tools quickly revolutionized the industry, allowing artists to create high-end models and designs in an intuitive environment, where they can complete their ideas quickly and efficiently.

Best  3D Games


1. Age of Empires III    2. Age of Mythology
3. Age of Titans    4. Balance    5. Battlefield 2    6. Battlefield 2142   7. Black & White 2
     8. Cars (Disney - Pixar)
9. Civilization IV   10. Counter Strike: Source
11. Day of Defeat: Source  12. Delta Force: Xtreme  
13. Dungeon Siege II  14. Earth 2160   (Online Cheat Codes)
 15. Empire Earth II   16. Fable - The Lost Chapters
17. Fahrenheit    18. Far Cry  19. Flatout 2    20. FEAR  21. FIFA 2005  
22. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
23. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
24. GTR     25. Guild Wars
26. HALO   27. Heroes V   28. King Kong   29. Lego Star Wars    30. Life For Speed
31. LOTR Battle for MiddleEarth II
32. LOTR Return of the King
33. Man of Valor
34. Mercedes Benz World Racing
35. Micro Machines V.4
36. MS Flight Simulator 2004
37. MTX Moto Trax    38. Narnia
39. NBA 2005   40. NBA 2006 Live
41. Need for Speed: Underground 2
42. Need for Speed: Underground Most Wanted       43. NHL 2005
44. NHL 2006      45. Painkiller
46. Red Orchestra    47. Rise and Fall
48. Rome: Total Wars    49. Serious Sam II
50. SiN 2: Episodes   51. Sniper Elite
52. SpellForce2: Shadow Wars
53. Starship Troopers
54. Star Wars: BattleFront I
55. Star Wars: BattleFront II
56. Star Wars: Empire At War
57. Star Wars: Galaxies
58. SUN(Soul of Ultimate Nation)
59. The Movies    60. Trains 2006
61. Unreal Tournament 2004
62. V8 Supercars 3
63. Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
64. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
65. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War
66. World of Warcraft

Most popular file extensions used for 3D graphics file formats and 3D software, CAD/CAM software etc.

.3ds : 3D Studio Mesh
max : 3ds studio Max
.prj : 3D Studio Project
shp : 3D Studio Shape
dwg, .dwf : AutoCAD
amc, .asf : Acclaim M. C.
c : OpenGL C Code
.tri : Alias Triangle
3dm, .3dmf : Apple 3DMF
.ima : Imagine
.iges : Initial Graphics
fbx : FiLMBOX
.lp .ls : LightscapeSolution
.lwo, .lws : Lightwave
pov : POV Ray
rib : Renderman RIB
3dm : Rhino-3D
w3d : Shockwave-3D
stl : StereoLithography
vis : Strata StudioPro
cob, .scn : trueSpace
vet : Viewpoint VET
wrl, .iv : VRML, Inventor
obj : Wavefront OBJ
xgl : XGL
bvh : Biovision M. C.
fact : Electric Image
x : DirectX


Best VFX Movies

Harry Potter

Lord of the ring


Star Wars

Spider Man

 Animated Movies

Finding Nemo


The Cars

The incredibles

Ice Age


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Terms Used in 3D computer graphics


* 3D computer graphics software
* 3D episode
* 3D printing
* 3D scanner
* 3Dc
* 3Delight
* 3dml

* Afterimage (shader effect)
* Agar (software)
* Ambient occlusion
* Anisotropic filtering
* Armature (computer animation)

* Back-face culling
* Beam tracing
* Bilinear filtering
* Blender (software)
* Blinn–Phong shading model
* Bloom (shader effect)
* Bounding interval hierarchy
* Bounding volume
* Box modeling
* Bucket rendering
* Bui Tuong Phong
* Bump mapping


* Catmull-Clark subdivision surface
* Cel-shaded animation
* Cg (programming language)
* Chromium (software)
* Clipmap
* Comparison of OpenGL and Direct3D
* Computed Corpuscle Sectioning
* Cone tracing
* Constructive solid geometry
* Conversion between quaternions and Euler angles
* Core OpenGL
* Cornell Box
* Crowd simulation
* Cube mapping

* Deferred shading
* Diffuse reflection
* Digital puppetry
* Dilution of precision (computer graphics)
* Direct3D
* Displacement mapping
* Distance fog
* Doo-Sabin subdivision surface
* Draw distance

* Edge loops
* Elan Graphics
* Euler boolean operation
* Euler operator
* Extracting Position From A Maya Inverse Transformation Matrix
* Extreme Graphics

* FXT1
* FaceFX
* Fahrenheit graphics API
* Fiduciary marker
* List of films made with Autodesk 3ds Max
* Forward kinematic animation
* Fragment (computer graphics)
* FrameBuffer UI

* Generative Modelling Language
* Geometric model
* Geometry Processing
* Geometry pipelines
* Geometry shader
* Glide API
* Global illumination
* Glu3d
* Gouraud shading
* Graphics pipeline

* Hemicube
* Hidden line removal
* Hidden surface determination
* High Level Shader Language
* High dynamic range imaging
* High dynamic range rendering
* Humanoid Animation

* IMPACT (computer graphics)
* Image based lighting
* Image plane
* Immediate mode
* Inflatable Icons
* Interactive skeleton-driven simulation
* Inverse kinematic animation
* Inverse kinematics
* Irregular Z-buffer
* Isosurface

* Java 3D
* Java OpenGL
* Joint constraints


* Kinematic chain


* Lambert's cosine law
* Lambertian reflectance
* Lathe (graphics)
* Level of detail
* Lightweight Java Game Library
* List of common shading algorithms
* Loft (3D)
* Low poly
* Lunarstudio


* Marching cubes
* Marco Corbetta
* MegaTexture
* Mesa 3D
* Metaballs
* Metropolis light transport
* Micropolygon
* MiniGL
* Mipmap
* Mobile 3D Graphics API
* Morph target animation
* Motion capture

* Nebulaud Shading
* Newell's algorithm
* Nonuniform rational B-spline
* Normal mapping

* Open Inventor
* OpenGL
* OpenGL Architecture Review Board
* OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
* OpenGL Performer
* OpenGL Utility Toolkit
* OpenGL++
* OpenRT
* Oren-Nayar diffuse model


* PLY (file format)
* Painter's algorithm
* Parallax mapping
* Particle system
* Path tracing
* Per-pixel lighting
* Perl OpenGL
* Phong lighting
* Phong reflection model
* Phong shading
* PhotoRealistic RenderMan
* Photon mapping
* Photon tracing
* Photorealistic (Morph)
* Pixel shader
* Polygon (computer graphics)
* Polygon mesh
* Polygonal modeling
* Pre-rendered
* Precomputed Radiance Transfer
* Procedural generation
* Procedural modeling
* Procedural texture
* 3D projection
* Pyramid of vision

* Qualitative invisibility
* Quaternions and spatial rotation



* Radiosity
* Ray Processing Unit
* Ray casting
* Ray tracing
* Ray tracing hardware
* Reflection (computer graphics)
* Reflection mapping
* Relief mapping
* Render Output unit
* Render layers
* RenderMan Interface Specification
* RenderMan Shading Language
* Rendering (computer graphics)
* Retained mode
* Reyes rendering


* S3 Texture Compression
* STL (file format)
* SaarCOR
* Scanline rendering
* Self-shadowing
* Shader
* Shading
* Shadow mapping
* Shadow volume
* Silhouette edge
* Skeletal animation
* Sketch based modeling
* Solid modeling
* Specular highlight


* UVW Map
* Unwrap


* Vertex Paint
* V-Ray


Creative Commons licenseCreative Commons Attribution

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